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Patient Eligibility

The first step to receiving care

The Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic is currently unable to accept new patients. We are implementing this pause for a period of 60 days effective April 1, 2024.

We are actively working to expand our resources to accommodate more patients in the future.

For those seeking medical care, we recommend reaching out to other healthcare providers in the area or consulting with insurance providers for assistance in finding alternative options.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Fredericksburg Christian Health Center
1129 Heatherstone Drive, Unit 101
Fredericksburg, VA 22407
(540) 785-8500

CVHS - Fredericksburg
1965 Emancipation Highway, Suite 100
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
(540) 735-0560

Living Water Free Clinic
32345 Constitution Highway, Suite P
Locust Grove, VA 22508
(540) 854-5922

MWHC GME Clinics:

Family Medicine Residency Clinic
12101 Carol Lane, Suite 101
Fredericksburg, VA 22407
(540) 741-9300

Internal Medicine Residency Clinic
1201 Sam Perry Blvd, Suite 201
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
(540) 741-9200

Step One


Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic Patient Requirements

Patients of the Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic must meet the following requirements to receive care:

Area Residency

Patients must live in the City of Fredericksburg or in one of these Counties: Caroline, King George, Spotsylvania, or Stafford

Existing Insurance

Patients must be Uninsured or enrolled in Virginia Medicaid

Household Income

Patients must live in a household with income of less than 300% of the Federal Poverty guidelines

Step Two


Documents Patients will need to present

To verify that you meet our eligibility requirements, please bring the following documents to your eligibility consultation (as applicable):

  • Proof of your local address (?)
  • Signed Federal Income Tax Return
  • One month of all household paystubs
  • Social Security Statements and 1099s
  • Food Stamp Notice of Action
  • Award letter(s) from Disability, Retirement/Pension, and/or Housing Assistance
  • Letter of Support
  • Documentation of any additional income
  • Green Card, Visa or Work Permit
  • Medicaid Denial Letter
Step Three


Complimentary, Private, Consultation

Contact the Eligibility Department to schedule a confidential consultation. Please remember to bring physical copies of the above listed paperwork to your appointment. Once approved, patients will be given an appointment for Clinic Services.


Renewing eligibility with the Clinic

Your Clinic eligibility card has an expiration date and will expire one year from the date you become eligible. It is your responsibility to update your information with the Clinic before the card expires in order for treatment to continue.

Call (540) 741-1061 to schedule an appointment or to update your information.

CALL (540) 582.1061

The Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic does NOT provide treatment for:
  • Emergency Care
  • Immunizations
  • Treatment for moderate to severe mental illness, including moderate to severe depression and anxiety - please contact the Rappahannock Area Community Services Board
  • Prenatal care, birth control, pregnancy tests, TB tests, testing for sexually transmitted diseases including HIV - please contact the local health department
  • Work, school, sport or disability physicals
  • Treatment for worker's compensation cases or related injuries
  • Treatment for automobile accident injuries
  • Root canals, crowns, or dentures
  • Eye glasses or hearing aids